Monday 11 September 2017

Manx shearwater chicks

These strong westerly winds that have been hitting the Pembrokeshire coast over the past week are a serious problem for this years Manx shearwater chicks who need to fledge from Skomer Island and head off out on their migration to South America. I was on the island last week and saw several bodies in the water at the Garland Stone.

Some youngsters were coming out in the open during daylight hours so strong was their desire to leave making them vulnerable to the large flocks of ravens that visit the island at this time of the year to benefit from the easy pickings that the chicks provide.

A report on the news tonight is that the RSPCA are collecting large numbers of birds that are washing up on Newgale beach today. Conditions will hopefully improve for them later in the week when the winds are forecast to change to a northerly direction.

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