Wednesday 25 February 2015

New species found?!

A forage for marine wildlife specimens during last week's spring tides on the foreshore at St Brides Haven, Pembrokeshire, led my companion, Mike Crutchley, to collect a sample of an encrusting algae from a rockpool. Back in his lab, he noticed a minute creature living in a crack in the red algae. We imaged this using a Zeiss Tessovar and found an interesting creature that the experts are still trying to identify. Each "head" is about 1-2mm across and the best bet is that it is an anemone but which species is not known at the moment.

Thursday 5 February 2015

First photography workshop of 2015

I ran the first photography workshop of 2015 yesterday with Hannah, Adam and Ellis at Dinefwr. It was a crisp and sunny day with great views form the castle and the best scene was in the afternoon when the whole of the fallow deer herd gathered in the valley in front of Newton House.