Wednesday 13 September 2017

Skomer Island Photography Participants Portfolio 2017

The Skomer Island Photography Participants Portfolio 2017 is published here's%20Portfolio%202017.pdf

Many thanks to all those who submitted their images.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Kestrel on Skomer Island

Two kestrels put on a spectacular flying display last week overlooking the Garland Stone on Skomer Island as they they scoured the steep cliff for voles.

I also saw my first whale in Welsh waters as a Minke made a brief appearance off Bull Hole.

Monday 11 September 2017

Manx shearwater chicks

These strong westerly winds that have been hitting the Pembrokeshire coast over the past week are a serious problem for this years Manx shearwater chicks who need to fledge from Skomer Island and head off out on their migration to South America. I was on the island last week and saw several bodies in the water at the Garland Stone.

Some youngsters were coming out in the open during daylight hours so strong was their desire to leave making them vulnerable to the large flocks of ravens that visit the island at this time of the year to benefit from the easy pickings that the chicks provide.

A report on the news tonight is that the RSPCA are collecting large numbers of birds that are washing up on Newgale beach today. Conditions will hopefully improve for them later in the week when the winds are forecast to change to a northerly direction.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Butterflies and dragonflies at Stackpole NNR

I enjoyed a great afternoon yesterday capturing common blue butterflies and common darter and emperor dragonflies at Stackpole NNR.

Sunday 23 July 2017

Gallery by Mike Schoen

Mike captured a great set of images from the workshop.

Gallery by Nick White

Nick's Nikon D5 proved its worth when it came to capturing puffin in flight shots. "I had a brilliant day on Skomer with Andy and fellow workshop attendees. We were fortunate with the level of puffin activity which gave a huge amount of opportunity to get the “PIF with Sand Eels” (Puffin In Flight) shot. What really made the day was Andy’s coaching and the way he made some very technical aspects of photography come to life with simple, easy to understand explanations and analogies. I learnt a lot and will definitely be back for some more as soon as possible. The tough part was cutting down 500 photos to 100 and then down to the 10 that I am really pleased with. 5 star day!"

Gallery by Jane Graham

Jane captured some some great chough action at Skomer Head. "All I can say is what another fantastic day, with an excellent teacher and great subjects to photograph. This is the second workshop I have done with Andy, I had new equipment this year and was taught how to get the best from it."

Thursday 20 July 2017

Gallery by Michelle Jopson

Gallery by Michelle Jopson who captured some lovely atmospheric images in the misty conditions.

Gallery by Jarek Tomczak

"A truly magical day at the Skomer Island - Andy is an excellent teacher with a wide and deep photography experience, we even discussed topics like biomedical microscopy imaging and his DIY microscope. He managed to challenge my understanding of photography and stimulated to think differently. The next day I was back on the island (getting up at 6 am to get a ticket for the boat) to apply more of his lessons in practice. I'll surely be back for another workshop with Andy."

Gallery by Tim Mayo

Tim captured a great set of images for his gallery.
"I had a fantastic and very memorable day with Andy on Skomer in July. The sun was shining and the Puffins were out in force and more than happy to pose for photos. Andy’s knowledge of photography, wildlife, and Skomer itself is probably unsurpassed, and thankfully he conveys this knowledge into easy bite size chunks.
Capturing the Puffins in flight was challenging but brilliant fun. I’ll most definitely be heading back to Skomer very soon and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone looking to improve their photography skills or simply enjoy a great day out."

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Gallery by James Calvert

James managed to capture a great shot of a puffin in flight with sandeels and some unique pictures of multiple puffins in flight.

Gallery by Jean Tye

Jean did a great job in capturing all the wildlife on Skomer last Saturday including some great chough shots at Skomer Head.
"This was my third Workshop with Andy and what a fabulous day I had. The Dale Princess left at 8.30am and we didn’t return until 5.30pm, so a lovely long time on the island. The steps don’t get any easier to climb, but it is well worth it when you see the vista in front of you at the top.
You may be wondering why I keep going on these workshops? The answer is simple; Skomer is the absolute best classroom that anyone could ever wish to be in. Andy helps everyone with their camera settings and is a calming presence when you are getting in a pickle with the technical stuff. I am learning more as I go along and even if I ‘knew everything’ I would still go just for the peaceful setting and for the wealth of wildlife that can be seen, with the puffins being the stars of the show.
This year it was lovely to see the first puffling of the year emerging from his burrow, something that I will never forget.
A new added touch from Andy was short stops along the way giving the history of the island, its geology and lots of other useful information. The stops also helped those who were less able to keep up with a fairly fast walking pace to catch up and to give all of us a breather too! It was also nice to have our lunch break near the farm house to enable all to have a comfort break.
I have to say “Thanks Andy” for pointing us in the direction of The Green Bridge of Wales and Stack Rocks, both stunning geological features on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast that we visited on the way home, putting our camera skills into use of course!
Almost certain to be back again next year."

Gallery by Andy Webb

Andy Webb managed to capture the Holy Grail shot of the puffin in flight shot with a beak full of sandeels.
"Had a great day on Skomer. Andy's knowledge of the islands history and its wildlife made for a great day and his tuition was friendly and excellent. He has given me the confidence to get more from my photography instead of point and shoot. The puffins were amazing to see at such close quarters and I hope to return to Skomer in the future."

Monday 3 July 2017

Gallery by Keith Lowe

Keith did exceptionally well to catch in-flight shots with his Sony X57.

"The workshop on Skomer on the 15th June was amazing I learnt so much about my camera (Sony X57) for which I thank you.
But not only the photographic aspect but your knowledge of the wildlife on Skomer especially the birds was astounding. The workshop was delivered in easy to understand language which I for one was very appreciative of. You were extremely patient with us all and treated us as friends rather than pupils which put us all at ease from the moment we met you.

I had an amazing day one I will remember for years to come and I thank you for that. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and would certainly like to attend one of your other workshops."

Gallery by Bea

Gallery by Bea von der Haar.
"Had a brilliant day last Saturday. Thank you for making it interesting and vibrant. Learned a few things always a bonus. Some decent photos for me as well.The best workshop I have been on. "

Thursday 29 June 2017

Angela Massingham Wild West Offshore Adventure June 2017

Angela produced an impressive gallery that really summed up what the Wild West Offshore Adventure is all about! She captured numerous shots of dolphins jumping clear of the water, plenty of gannets in flight and stunning back-lit images of shearwaters rafting in a setting sun.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Skomer galleries by Emma and James

Emma and James had a great day out on Skomer on one of the May workshops. The island was at its floral best with a carpet of pink thrift at Skomer Head.

"James and I had the most fantastic day with you on the photography course. We learnt so much, not only about photography, but also about Skomer and it's flora and fauna. As you can see I did manage to get some puffins in flight!!!!!

Thank you so much for such a great day. I will be back not only to Skomer, but to another of your photography courses (sorry and brace yourself he he). Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience (particularly when it came to spotting the little owl!).

A day we will never forget."

Wild West Offshore Adventure - Mia's gallery

Mia also managed to get some great shots of the common dolphins after a quick crash course in photography before coming the Skomer Workshop the next day.

Wild West Offshore Adventure - galleries by John and Margot Newman

Some lovely shots from the Wild West Offshore Adventure last week from John and Margot.
"It was a real privilege to be part of this trip with dolphins swimming under and around the bow of the boat.
The thousands of gannets on Grassholm island was a sight to behold and Manx Shearwater skimming the sea in the sunset was something else.
All with expert tuition and guidance from Andy - this is an experience not to be missed."

Thursday 22 June 2017

Puffins in flight

Skomer Island is still providing numerous opportunities to capture images of puffins in flight. There are a number of backgrounds to choose from the dark of the Wick cliff to the sky and then the sea mayweed that is covering the coastal slopes at this time of year.
There are still places available on all workshops apart from the 8th July.

Tawny owl

Managed to catch the tawny owl sunbathing yesterday in a lovely setting in Pembrokeshire.

Wild West Wildlife Offshore Adventure 18th June 2017

The shearwaters in the wonderful light at sunset were probably the highlight for me on the trip last Sunday evening.

Gallery by Simon Pearce

Simon, Derek's son-in-law, was not outdone on the day and also managed to capture a puffin in flight with sandeels shot.

Fantastic gallery by Derek Trendell

Derek Trendell captured an amazing set of images of different subjects on the workshop last Tuesday including a seal, jackdaw, razorbill, guillemot in flight and the holy grail shot of a puffin in flight with its beak full of sandeels with the perfect dark backdrop of the Wick.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Skomer is at its best!

Skomer Island is in full bloom with the bluebells and sea campion carpeting the island in pink and blue. This is eleven days earlier than normal and there are still 5 places left on this Saturday's workshop. Now is the time for the special shot of puffins surrounding by bluebells!

Thursday 13 April 2017


The puffins put on a superb show at the Wick on Skomer Island yesterday evening with many birds in flight shots captured back-lit by a setting sun. It doesn't come much better than this as a photographic wildlife experience.