Friday 19 February 2016

Chasing grebes!

I called into Fforest Farm north of Cardiff yesterday before going to give the talk to the Gwent Photographic Society. The light was lovely and the kingfisher was on a reed when I entered the hide. Unfortunately, he flew off immediately and I gave up after waiting for an hour and a half with no sign of him again.
I decided go to Bute Dock in Cardiff Bay to try and link up the resident population of great-crested grebes. A walk around the feeder canal with just a pair of binoculars was fruitful with a pair spotted in great light but they had disappeared when I returned a couple of minutes later with my camera gear.
I managed to locate them about an hour later opposite the Wharf Pub and was treated to a couple of very brief courtship displays. What an amazing wildlife experience right in the heart of an urban area. I will be back!

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